Jarrod J. Photo

Sour Candy Enthusiast and Airport Pro

What’s going on ya’ll! I’m Jarrod Joachim, a southern California based wedding photographer and I’m beyond excited to meet you all at the workshop! I’ve been exactly where you are right now. Maybe you are unsure of how to book more travel work, how to advertise, or don’t know how to juggle the business side of things when all you care about is creating. This is completely normal! During the workshop I will teach you how to be better prepared so you can continue to kick-ass in the future!


Melissa Rey Photo

Creative Genius and Rockstar Momma

Hi there! I am the Unapologetically Melissa Rey! My passion for creating comes alive in post production and that’s exactly the process I am going to walk you through! I want you to leave this workshop feeling more confident than ever in finding your own kind of weird. What exactly is it that separates you from the rest? I am a firm believer in never apologizing to anyone for your creative decisions and my goal is to have you leaving this workshop feeling the same! Let’s get weird yo!


Haley Rynn Ringo

Lady Boss & Host of the LAnded Podcast

Aloha my bitches!! I'm Haley Ringo and I'm a photographer of people because that’s who I’m about. People. Their stories. What makes them tick. What makes them feel loved. What makes them feel known. My goal as a photographer is to make a connection with every client I have because I believe that in order to capture authentic and raw moments, you must create an environment where people feel free to be themselves. So...drum roll please...I'll be speaking on all things client relationships/ interactions, and how to capture moments that will not only ring true to you as an artist but more importantly will ring true to your clients, and why being your full-blown, unapologetic BADASS self, in-person and on social media is so crucial to the success of your business and to your work. LET'S DO THIS FREAKIN THING Y'ALL!


Will Khoury Photography

Fast Workflow and True Connections.

Hey everyone! I’m Will Khoury and I’m so stoked to be a part of this awesome workshop! My work is driven by true connections, telling authentic stories & capturing meaningful photos for couples to look back on. At the workshop, I will break down my process on how to find a deeper connection with couples and create something beyond pretty pictures. I will also go over the techy side of the business that lets you speed up your workflow so you get back to doing more of what you love. This will be a BS-free zone & no topic is off limits. So bring your questions and let’s learn together.